Your prototype to production supplier.
PERIDOT, Inc (pair-uh-doe) is a full-service advanced manufacturing company working for today’s engineer and procurement personnel to reduce time for product and tool development and production while improving product quality. Our experience, broad capabilities, and efficient manufacturing technologies bring your new design to life more quickly, improving your bottom line.

Our Capabilities

Additive Manufacturing

Functional prototypes, proof of principle, scale models, and short run production quantities.

Contract Manufacturing

Streamlining your project
into a single point of
contact to provide a wide array of services into one purchase order.

CNC Machining

Elevate your production efficiency with our advanced CNC machining capabilities, providing precise, customizable solutions for high-quality manufacturing and rapid prototyping.

Injection Molding & RIM

Our processes include reaction injection molding (RIM) and high pressure injection molding.

Metal Castings

Providing metal casting services for customers in a wide range of industries. We offer but are not limited to materials including: aluminum, iron, steel, bronze, and zinc castings.


What our customers say about us

“A young company driven by innovation, good values, honesty, and integrity. And fun to work with. A great asset in SE Allen County.”

John H.

Peridot has been a great supplier for us throughout the years. We can rely on them for quick turnarounds on prototype parts and on-time deliveries for production runs. I would highly recommend Peridot to any manufacturing facility looking for a great partner!

Adam B.