Corporate Profile

PERIDOT, Inc (pair-uh-doe) is a full-service product development service bureau working for today’s engineer to reduce time for product and tool development while improving product quality. Our experience, broad capabilities, and efficient prototyping technologies bring your new design to life more quickly, improving your bottom line.

Our mission is to provide you with a solution to meet your needs, whether it is for design verification, marketing, or functional testing. We understand the unique advantages that each technology provides, allowing us to tailor a solution to your exact needs. As a flexible family owned service bureau, PERIDOT offers unique customer service and new and creative ideas. We can also provide secondary operations on your prototype such as machining, assembly or incorporating last minute design changes.

Contact us today for a custom quotation on the manufacturing solution that will meet your exact needs.

3D Printing

PERIDOT, Inc. understands that time to market is a critical factor in a product’s success and profitability. Reducing the time required to develop your product, through advanced methods, makes your business more profitable and produces the profit at a faster pace.

Polymer Molding

At PERIDOT, we offer multiple processes for producing molded polymer components. These processes include reaction injection molding (RIM), high pressure injection molding, and vacuum forming.

Metal Casting

At PERIDOT, we specialize in providing custom metal casting services for customers in a wide range of industries. We offer insert, foundry, sand, die, and investment castings, as well as permanent mold services for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials including: aluminum, iron, steel, bronze, and zinc castings.

Machine Fabrication

At PERIDOT, we specialize in a wide range of machining and fabrication services We deliver precision manufactured castings and polymer components, billet/stock, and we can even work with 3D printed parts. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced product development and engineering resources to aid in producing top quality results.

Custom Manufacturing

Wire Harness: Peridot has experience creating wire harnesses from small gauge wire to heavier gauged wires. Prototyping and Low-Volume production of wire harnesses are a custom manufacturing process that Peridot is proud to support.