Polymer Molding

At PERIDOT, we offer multiple processes for producing molded polymer components. These processes include reaction injection molding (RIM), high pressure injection molding, and vacuum forming.

RIM processes can be executed in prototype rubber tooling to produce functional prototypes in a compressed timeline for far lower costs than injection mold tooling. The is an excellent solution for components needed for testing, marketing, trade shows, and when higher quantities of prototypes are required.

PERIDOT can also offer porotype and production injection molded parts in various materials. With multiple presses that range from 50 ton to over 300 ton and shoot sizes over 40 ounces, the latitude is in place to meet your needs. A significant advantage is that the tooling and molding is done at the same facility to optimize timing and minimize down-time during development. Whether using mold inserts or ground-up dedicated tooling, our resources can meet your challenge.

Vacuum forming is another molding process that PERIDOT can provide. The low forming pressures that are associated with vacuum forming create an opportunity to make part modifications less expensive compared to other processes. Vacuum forming also allows for quick turnaround time. This process is a cost-effective way to produce parts that are a lighter weight alternative to metal or fiberglass.

For more questions about our RIM, injection molding, or vacuum forming capabilities, please contact us directly.