New SLS Technology

PERIDOT Inc, one of the longest running additive manufacturing (AM) service bureaus in the United States, is growing its manufacturing arsenal by integrating the 3D printing process of selective laser sintering (SLS).

In a unique 3-way synergy, this is a convergence of market leaders in material manufacturing (BASF), machine manufacturing (Prodways), and component manufacturing (PERIDOT). This game-changing convergence will bring a manufacturing solution that offers customers cost reductions and a path for innovation.

PERIDOT will be one of the initial world launch sites for BASF’s new PP1200 polypropylene material running on Prodways upgraded machine configuration producing not only prototypes but focusing on higher quantity production-level components using this additive manufacturing process.

PERIDOT will be bringing the advantages of AM to the production marketplace that include:

  • Reducing the # of components in an assembly
  • Eliminating tooling costs
  • Reducing downstream assembly labor costs
  • Reducing inventory costs and space requirements
  • Providing a functional material with production-level performance
  • Offering product customization on the go
  • Offering product design improvements on the go
Among other advantages offered by this efficient process and new material.

PERIDOT will have this process online and producing components by January 1, 2020.

This SLS process will enhance PERIDOT’s 22 years of experience and capabilities that include: SLA & FDM, molded polymers, metal castings, CNC machining, and contract manufacturing & supply management. For more information about our rapid prototyping services, please contact us directly.