Metal Casting

At PERIDOT, we specialize in providing custom metal casting services for customers in a wide range of industries. We offer several casting processes including green sand, investment, plaster, and die casting to produce ferrous and non-ferrous materials including: aluminum, zinc, steel, and iron alloys to name a few. PERIDOT will utilize the most effective method for each casting project. These methods include 3d printed patterns, sand molds, and cores along with CNC machined patterns and tooling.

Our engineering staff partners with customers to determine the best casting method for their product and application. Whether it is a prototype or high-volume production run, we have a method available to fit the job.

Our staff is trained in meeting any applicable standards. We operate with standard straightness and flatness tolerances of .002” per inch, with a max tolerance of .040”. Wall thickness tolerances range from as tight as +/- .005” in plaster-casting to +/- 0.015” in investment-casting to +/- 0.030” for sand casting. In addition to casting, we offer many secondary services including machining, painting, plating, E-coating, powder coating, and heat treating.

For more information about our casting capabilities, please contact us directly.