Contract Manufacturing

PERIDOT provides many solutions, but here are a few key ones in our custom manufacturing sector:

Kitting & Sub-Assembly: We work to reduce your storage costs and your handling expenses by providing the capability of kitting, sub-assembly, and inventory management. This allows you to focus on your core business activities and minimize your supplier list.

Wire Harness: Peridot has experience creating wire harnesses from small gauge wire to heavier gauged wires. Prototyping and Low-Volume production of wire harnesses are a custom manufacturing process that Peridot is proud to support.

Formed Metal: Metal Stampings are made in various quantities and materials in a timely manner to meet your deadline. Whether a few parts or a pilot run, your complete program can be prototyped.

We want to help you maximize your business and have a single point of contact within PERIDOT and our abilities. Our domestic and offshore supply chain resources and inventory management provide you an advantage by being cost effective and reducing necessary storage requirements.