About Us

Founded: November 24, 1997

  • David E. Hockemeyer
  • Brian Hockemeyer
  • David J. Hockemeyer

Founding Vision: Utilizing the developing technology of rapid prototyping (3D printing), provide the product development community a new service of with engineering experience of timely and functional prototype solutions supported by an engineering foundation.


  • 1997: 1500 sq-ft; FDM & LOM; 2 employees
  • 1999: 3000 sq-ft; FDM/LOM; low-press. Low pressure Urethanes; 4 employees
  • 2001: 4500 sq-ft; FDM/LOM; urethanes, CNC mill; 6 employees
  • 2004: 9000 sq-ft building purchase; FDM/2 SLA; urethanes; CNC mills; 8 employees
  • 2008: Survived the Great Recession 9000 sq-ft; FDM/2 SLA; urethanes; 4 2 CNC’s; 9 employees
  • 2012: Acquired HTI to enhance CNC capacity; 4 CNC’s, 9 employees
  • 2016: 17,000 sq-ft including an 8000 sq-ft building expansion; Low volume wire harnesses; 4 SLA; 4 CNC; vac-form; David J. becomes sole owner; 14 employees
  • 2017: Completed acquisition of Acquired agriculture product line SeedRight ®, 5th SLA, 5th CNC; 17 employees
  • 2018: Increased engineering resources; Strategic Supplier Alliances; Proprietary Products, Unprecedented Opportunities; 6th CNC; 20 employees

Peridot’s Vision Today: Applying the latest technology to solve the customers challenge in the most effective manner. This is achieved using engineering experience, an understanding of various manufacturing methods, and the unique ability to think creatively. From a 1-off prototype to low volume production, Peridot is committed to providing a COMPLETE solution.

As one of the oldest 3D printing service bureaus in the US, Peridot is proud of its past and optimistic for the future – all because of the team that makes Peridot successful is 2nd to none! The skill, experience, “customer 1st“ mentality, nimbleness, and “can do” attitude of our team sets Peridot apart and provides for our competitive advantage. For the past two decades of fun and that which is yet to come, we give all the glory to our Creator.

It's in The Name

It’s in the name… Peridot (pair-uh-doe) is a unique name that holds deep meaning for the founders of this company. The gem stone called peridot with its green color and yellow shimmer is the birthstone for the month of August. August is the birth month of our dear son & brother, Jonathan Lane Hockemeyer, who our Savior called to His heavenly home in 1997. Therefore, this family company is named in his honor.