3D Printing

PERIDOT, Inc. understands that time to market is a critical factor in a product’s success and profitability. Reducing the time required to develop your product, through advanced methods, makes your business more profitable and produces the profit at a faster pace.

PERIDOT, Inc. offers 3D printing services including form study prototypes, functional prototypes, proof of principle prototypes, scale models, and short run production quantities. We specialize in production translucent prototypes which aid in a better understanding of internal fit and functionality with mating components.

We offer tolerances as tight as +/- .003” for small components and a variety of surface finishes including Grade A, Grade B, painted, tinted, and plated finishes. In addition to our prototyping, we offer a variety of engineering and design support including CAD, mechanical design, and manufacturing advice. Our flexible manufacturing and efficient prototyping capabilities also make us an excellent source for short production run manufacturing. For more information about our rapid prototyping services, please contact us directly.

New SLS Technology